About Us

Institute for Combat Wounded Policy was founded by a Navy captain and Marine Corps colonel upon their retirement from active duty after having spent three years trying to effect meaningful change for the wounded and their families from within the Pentagon bureaucracy. The Institute for Combat Wounded Policy believes it is the will of the American people to care for our wounded service members and their families and the responsibility of the American government to provide that care. The Institute is committed to informing the American people about the debilitating and long-term consequences Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and other combat related physical and mental health conditions inflict on our military families and the very fabric of our nation.  The Institute for Combat Wounded Policy is dedicated to identifying legislative and bureaucratic gaps in care and developing solutions to resolve confusing and conflicting bureaucratic rules and regulations in order to develop a modern and responsive disability evaluation system.


We appreciate your support.  You can have complete confidence that your contribution will be used to improve the way our nation cares for its warriors and veterans.  Our military services are made up of men and women who volunteer out of a sense of duty and love of country.  They are willing to sacrifice life, family and health in service to our nation.  If you believe our government should accept its responsibility for their care and that of their families; to ensure they receive the medical and financial assistance promised them, we are working on your behalf.  We urge you to consider making a tax deductible contribution to the Institute for Combat Wounded Policy.